Meals, Soup and Savouries

           Hot Meals £4.40   

 Homemade Beef or Vegetable Chili,

         Chicken or Vegetable Curry,

   Beef and Pork Bolognese,


 each served with either: pasta; rice; chips; or jacket potato (plain or sweet)

        Pie or Pasty with Chips and Gravy

         Ask about our Specials of the day


Home Made Soup
Served in a 16oz cup

Fresh Soup of the day - £2.60

Served with Bread Roll + 40p or 70p (plain or buttered)


Savoury Pastries
    available cold or hot

Saveloy Sausage cold £1.00 hot £1.20

Sausage Roll - £1.20

Cheese Pasty or Cornbeef Pasty - £1.70

Corned Beef Square - £1.60

Deep filled Pies from - £2.00
(mince and onion, steak, chicken and mushroom or chicken balti)

Quiche Slice - £1.60 

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