Simplys Toasted Selection

 Simply’s Toasted Selection available from 10am till 1.45pm

Toastie (thick white sliced bread). £3.20

   Ciabatta (plain or flavoured 6 inch £3.60 12 inch plain £4.80

          Tortilla Wrap ( plain or gluten free tortilla) £3.80

               (ask about the flavours we have available)

                                            Chicken Fajita 

Marinated Chicken, Roast Peppers and Onions,  

              Salsa, Sour Cream and Cheese   

Tuna Melt 

      Tuna Mayonnaise, Red Onion and Cheese 

            Roman Fayre  

  Chicken Breast, Grilled Bacon, Caesar Dressing 

                    and Mozzarella Cheese 

   ?    Meatball Mama Mia 

Meatballs (tomato and garlic fresh basil), Onions, 

                           Olives and Mozzarella

Vegi Tangy Tasty 
Humous, Roast Peppers and Onions, Sliced Gherkins
    and Brie 

                                   Spicy Italian  
Salami, Pepperoni, Pesto, Jalapeños and Mozzarella  


Toasted Sandwiches with plain filling: 

                              Cheese and Onion/Tomato 

     Toastie £1.90 Ciabatta 6inch £2.60 12inch £3.80 Wrap £2.80

                            Ham or Chicken with Cheese 
£2.90 Ciabatta 6inch £3.30 12inch £4.40 Wrap £3.50

                          For £1.20 Extra 

                           Why not add
liced Salad (lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber)
 and Coleslaw 
 A side of Fresh Homemade Chips

     You can also create your own filling

  priced accordingly      




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