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    Here a Simply 2 Delicious we are traditionally known for our finger buffet menus. We have been successfully providing hot and cold catering for many different occasions including; Weddings, Anniversary, Christening, Birthdays , Twenty First, House Parties, Business Functions, Training Events, Funerals and Christmas parties in many areas of the North East. We provide delicious fresh buffets with a wide selection of choice that is prepared at our Shop. With fresh daily deliveries from local suppliers we guarantee to serve you the highest quality produce. Menus suggested are intended as a guide. If they are not suitable we will be pleased to suggest an alternative choice. Whether it is a business lunch or family get together every function can be catered for giving your event the highest priority. We are confident that you can order and then relax knowing you will be given the service you deserve.

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  • Online Finger Buffet
    (min x 100)
    Sliced Bread Sandwiches
    Cocktail Sausage Rolls
    Mini Spring Rolls and Samosas
    Pizza Slices and Garlic Baguette Slices

    Fingers of Assorted Sponge Cakes

    £3.00 per person booked online



    £2.50 exc VAT
    (£3.00 inc VAT)
  • Simply Finger Buffet
    (min x 50)
    Sliced Bread Sandwiches – mixture of white and wholemeal with a choice of fillings
    Marinated and Roast Chicken Drumstick
    Simply 2s Stottie Pizza selection
    A Selection of Savoury Pies
    Mini Oriental Delicacies and Dips
    Cheddar Cheese and Pickled Onions
    Salted Crisps                                         
    Bar Cake Slices

    £4.25 per person 




    £3.54 exc VAT
    (£4.25 inc VAT)
  • Cold Fork Buffet
    (Min 30 people)                                            
    Selection of Freshly Made Stotties and Sliced Bread Sandwiches
    filled with:- Ham and Pease Pudding, Tuna Mayo, and Cheese Savoury.
    Crispy Chicken Strips with Dips                                   
    Platters with a selection of - Handmade Pies + Quiches and Sausage Rolls
    Mini Spring Rolls and Samosas & Chilli dip
    Cheddar Cheese with Celery and Grapes
    Baby New Potatoes with Raita
    Tortilla Crisps
    A Selection of Sponge Cake Fingers

    £4.95 per person

    £4.12 exc VAT
    (£4.95 inc VAT)
  • Deli*cious Fork Buffet
    (Min 20 people)
    Mildly Spiced Chicken Curry and Rice
    A Selection of Fresh Filled Local Stotties
    Platters of Handmade Quiches and Savoury Pies
    Flavoured Sliced Cheeses with Cherry Tomatoes and Pickled Onions
    Handmade Simply 2s Garlic Bread Pizza Fingers
    Chilled Herby New Potatoes
    Homemade Crunchy Coleslaw
    Bowls of Crisps
    Homemade Chocolate Brownies

    £7.95 per person


    £6.62 exc VAT
    (£7.95 inc VAT)
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