Party Buffet Extras

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  • Baked Pasta Ragout
    Roasted Vegetables in a tomato, onion, pimmento and herb sauce
    topped with mozzarella and white chedder cheese crust

    (Minimum 20 portions
    £3.00  per person

    £2.50 exc VAT
    (£3.00 inc VAT)
  • Simply Extras
    The following items can be added to your buffet .
    All are prepared and cooked by our chef
    fresh on the premises

    Chilli Beef Con Carne & Boiled Rice
    Mince Beef and Vegtetables with mildly spiced Chilli and Tomato sauce

    not forgetting the Kidney Beans and Sweetcorn
    (Minimum 20 portions)
    £3.50 per person


    £2.92 exc VAT
    (£3.50 inc VAT)
  • Medium Spiced Chicken Curry with Baked Veg Rice
    Our own well flavoured medium spiced Chicken Breast Curry with fresh Corriander
    Served with a vegetable baked rice

    (Minimum 20 portions)

    £3.50  per person

    £2.92 exc VAT
    (£3.50 inc VAT)
  • Minced Beef and Pork Lasange topped with Cheese Sauce
    One of the best: meat, garlic, tomatoes and vegetables layered with pasta sheets
    Topped with a seasoned cheese sauce and baked golden

    (Minimum 20 portions)
    £3.50  per person

    £2.92 exc VAT
    (£3.50 inc VAT)

    Fresh Crispy Vegetable Sticks

    Mini Roast Vegetable Tartlets
    Cottage Cheese and Celery Sticks
    Houmous Mini Wraps

    Stuffed Boiled Egg Halves served with a beetroot dipping relish

    £27.50  per 10 portion Platter

    £22.92 exc VAT
    (£27.50 inc VAT)
    A selection of English Cheeses
    Mature Cheddar, Applewood Smoked, Apricot and White Stilton, Wensleydale and Traditional Stilton
    with Celery Sticks and Grapes
    Served with Wafer Thins and Butter portions

    £35.00 per 10 portion Platter



    £29.17 exc VAT
    (£35.00 inc VAT)
    A Delicious Platter of Prawns
    Poached and Smoked Salmon
    Roll mops, Crab Sticks & Shellfish
    Smoked Mackerel and Trout.

    Garnished with fresh Parsley and Lemon Wedges

    £45.00 per 10 portion Platter

    £37.50 exc VAT
    (£45.00 inc VAT)
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