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  • At Simply 2 Delicious, we understand how difficult such a sad occasion can be, but with funeral catering experience gained over many years throughout the North East we are able to offer a sympathetic, stress free and discreet event.

    Prices include Vat, delivery, setting up, table cover, Chinett plates, napkins and plastic cutlery, no hidden costs.

    We understand the short time when booking your function, all payments by cash or cheque will be taken on day of booking.

    To add any extras check out Buffet Extra Tab at the side of the Page

    Please note - card payment available at our Shop during open hours
    or  via our web site!

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  • Platters
    10 people per flat )

    Selection of Freshly Made Sandwich Platters with, Stotties,Wraps and Sliced Bread.
    All filled with our own fresh fillings.

    £20.00 per 10 people (pick up only)


    £16.67 exc VAT
    (£20.00 inc VAT)
  • Light Funeral Buffet
    (Min 50 people )
    Traditonal Stotties
    –  mixture of white and wholemeal with various of fillings
    A selection of Savoury Pies and Pastries 
    Fingers of assorted Sponge Cakes
    Salted Crisps                                        

    £3.25 per person 

    £2.71 exc VAT
    (£3.25 inc VAT)
  • Simply Funeral Finger Buffet
    (Min 30)

    Sliced Bread Sandwiches –  mixture of white and wholemeal with a choice of fillings
    Marinated and Roast Chicken Drumsticks
    Handmade Quiche Selection
    Boiled Eggs with Mustard Dip

    Pork and Sage Sausage Rolls.                        
    Selection of Crisps.                                               
    A Selection of Sliced Bar Sponge Cakes

    £4.25 per person

    £3.54 exc VAT
    (£4.25 inc VAT)
  • Funeral Fork Buffet
    (Min 30).                                                                
    Selection of Freshly Made Stotties and
    Sliced Bread Sandwiches
    filled with:-Ham and Pease Pudding, Tuna Mayo, and Cheese Savoury.
    Marinated and Roasted Chicken Drumsticks
    Savoury Platters with A selection of- Handmade Quiche,Cornbeef Pie,Mini Pork Pies and Sausage Rolls
    Mature Cheddar with Pickled Onions
    Mini Spring Rolls and Samosas with dips
    Boiled Baby new Potatoes with Raita
    Bowls of Crisps

    Selection of Sponge Cake Fingers

    £4.95 per person                                                    

    £4.12 exc VAT
    (£4.95 inc VAT)
  • Geordie Buffet
    (minimum 30 people)

    Traditional Flat Bottom Stotties filled with
    Ham and Pease Pudding, Egg Mayo with Cress and Cheese Savoury.
    Corn beef, Leek and Potato Pie.

    Platter boiled Eggs baby Beetroot and Pickled onions
    Cheddar Cheese Scones topped with cottage cheese and scallions.
    Whitby Shellfish Pots with Vinegar.
    Crispy Potato Shells filled with Pan Hagerty.

    Sandwich Cake

    £7.95 per person

    £6.62 exc VAT
    (£7.95 inc VAT)
  • Pick up Your Own

    Mince and Onion Plate Pies £3.00 each
    Steak and Onion Plate Pies £3.50 each
    Savoury Foil Tray Pies £7.00 each
    Cheese and Potato Foil Tray Pies £7.00 each
    Various Quiche Foil Trays £8.00 each
    Topped Pizza Slabs from £10.00 each
    Foil Trays of Lemon, Toffee, Chocolate or Carrot Cakes £7.00 each






    Contact Us For Details

    A selection of cold soft drinks available from 90p per person with beakers.

    Tea and Coffee also available. 
    £1.00 per person

    A full Crockery service can be offered.

    All prices available on request.

    Contact Us For Details
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