Party Buffets 2

Cookson (06)

Cookson (book and pay online only)
(min 20 people)

Mildly Spiced Chicken Curry and Rice (Served Hot)
Platters of Sliced Meat and Crusty Rolls
Cheese and Broccoli Quiche
Pork and Sage Sausage Rolls
Handmade Cheese and Potato Pie
A variety of Vegetable Indian Delis and Spicy Dip 
Simply Fresh Bread Pizza Fingers
Mini Baked Stuffed Potatoes Topped with Cheese

A Selection of Salad Bowls
Cream Cheese and Chive Pretzel’s 

Handmade Chocolate Brownies

£9.95 per person (book and pay online only)

£8.29 exc VAT
(£9.95 inc VAT)
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