Party Buffets

Cold Fork Buffet (03)

Cold Fork Buffet
(Min 30 people)                                            
Selection of Freshly Made Stotties and Sliced Bread Sandwiches
filled with:- Ham and Pease Pudding, Tuna Mayo, and Cheese Savoury.
Crispy Chicken Strips with Dips                                   
Platters with a selection of - Handmade Pies + Quiches and Sausage Rolls
Mini Spring Rolls and Samosas & Chilli dip
Cheddar Cheese with Celery and Grapes
Baby New Potatoes with Raita
Tortilla Crisps
A Selection of Sponge Cake Fingers

£4.95 per person

£4.12 exc VAT
(£4.95 inc VAT)
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