Funeral Fork Buffet (085)

Funeral Fork Buffet
(Min 30)                                                                

Selection of Freshly Baked Stotties (White Granary and Cheese) filled with 
various Roast Meats, Salad along with Egg Mayo and Cress(V)

Chilled Chicken Tikka and Spicy Mango Rice Platter 
Selection Homemade Plate Pies filled with - Ham and Egg, Sausage Bacon and Egg, Cheese Onion and Potato(V)

Mini Naan Bread Pizzas- (Topped with spicy Tomato sauce, roast Corriander flavoured vegetables and Panneer) (V)
Sticky Barbecue Sausage and Bacon crispy Wraps
Bowls of Cheese cubes, Cherry Tomatoes & Pickled Onions (V)
Pasta Salad
Potato Snacks

Dessert Selection

£5.95 per person                                                    

£4.96 exc VAT
(£5.95 inc VAT)
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