Business Buffet Extras

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  • Business Buffet Extras

    The following items can be added to your Buffet.
    All are prepared and cooked by our Chef
    Fresh on the premises.


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  • Roast Vegetable Pasta Bake

    Baked Pasta Penne with Roasted Vegetables
    bound in a Rich Tomato and fresh Basil sauce
    topped with mozzarella

    £3.00 per person

    £2.50 exc VAT
    (£3.00 inc VAT)
  • Chilli Con Carne

    Chilli Beef with Vegetables Red Kidney Beans and Sweetcorn 
    Served with Boiled Rice

    £3.50 per person

    £2.92 exc VAT
    (£3.50 inc VAT)
  • Mildly Spiced Chicken Curry

    Medium Spiced Creamy Chicken Breast Curry flavoured with fresh Corriander
    Served with Baked Vegetable Rice

    £3.50 per person

    £3.33 exc VAT
    (£4.00 inc VAT)

    Minced Beef and Pork Lasange cooked in a
    rich Tomato and Garlic sauce layered with Pasta sheets  

    Topped with Cheese Sauce

    £3.50 per person

    £3.33 exc VAT
    (£4.00 inc VAT)
  • Sponge Cake Squares (x 10)

    A selection of individualy baked
    Sponge Cake Squares
    (Toffee, Lemon , Carrot and Chocolate)

    £10.00 per Flat

    £8.33 exc VAT
    (£10.00 inc VAT)
  • Fresh Fruit Platter (10 portions)

    Locally supplied fruit, healthy,
    full of flavour and not too filling to finish off
      the day
    dressed with Grapes and Strawberries


    £8.33 exc VAT
    (£10.00 inc VAT)
  • Lemon or Salted Caramel Cheesecake
    14 portions


    £13.33 exc VAT
    (£16.00 inc VAT)
  • Scones (X 10)

    Mixed Fruit and Cherry Scones
    Split and Filled with Fresh Cream & Strawberry Jam 

    £17.50 each

    £14.58 exc VAT
    (£17.50 inc VAT)
  • Fresh Fruit Salad  (10 portions)

    Lashings of Seasonal Fresh Fruits
    soaked in stock syrup

    served with fresh cream


    £16.67 exc VAT
    (£20.00 inc VAT)
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